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Types of Road Bikes

December - 16 - 2011

If you like bikes and you have your heart set on buying one for yourself you should know that there are many types of bikes which you can choose from. According to your personality and needs you can buy a touring bike, a sports bike or a cruiser. When you pick a bike think about what type of riding you like and where to you enjoy going.

The cruiser

The cruiser is the bike meant for people who like to go on long trips around the country or who just want to take a ride in town. If you like all these things that this is the bike for you. The cruiser bike dates back in the 60s from custom bikes. The general appearance of the cruiser is low seat and  swept back handlebars. The most popular and known cruiser is Harley Davidson but recently other bike companies have started to built cruisers.


The sport bike

If you are the type of person who likes speed that you should get yourself a sports bike. You should know that this type of motorcycle is an update of the road racer, which is why it would feel right at home if you take it on the track. You can take this bike from the road and place it on a racetrack which just a few modifications. The elements specific to this bike are the low handlebars and a low seating. Just like with drag race cars, there is an emphasis on safety as well, and there are a number of additions to support that. For example, if you want a bike with good suspensions, the sports bike is one of the best in this respect, and just like drag race cars, it has heightened maneuverability, dynamics and great response.


Standard bikes

This type of bike is for those who want to commute from their home to their working place and who simply want to take a ride around town. This bike does not have a comfortable seat as the cruiser but it’s ok. This bike is also perfect for does who have not have a bike before, it helps the adjust so that they can move on to other models.


Other models

One model which we are going to present to you is the touring bike which is perfect for the long haul riders. They like it because it is ergonomically comfortable and it has a luggage system. Another model is the super moto which looks like a dirt bike but the difference is that it has town wheels. The dual sport machine was developed is such a way that you can use it as a dirt bike and at the same time as a road bike. On long road, besides the cruiser, you can go with the sport tourer. However, if you’re not that keen on motorcycles, then you should look into some new car reviews. Motorcycles can be less safe, so it all depends on what you’re looking for in a speedy vehicle. Since there is such a large array of both motorcycles and cars out there, new car reviews may even be able to point you towards a car that is cheaper than a motorcycle, so it’s best to keep both sides under judgment.

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