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Betting on MotoGP

June - 26 - 2013

Already this season’s MotoGP seems to have come down to a battle between three riders, despite the fact that there is still more than half of the season to go. This does make putting outright bets on the possible winner easier, simply by narrowing the selection, but also may reduce the MotoGP betting interest for some. While it is not set in stone that Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez are the only riders still able to win MotoGP 2013, the odds at the various bookmakers indicate how likely it is that anyone else will do so.

For example the rider immediately below Marquez, in fourth place in the betting, is Valentino Rossi – who is 50/1 to win it at most sports betting sites. Therefore looking purely at the top three, Pedrosa is the leader in the standings just now, with a slender seven-point advantage over Lorenzo – but the latter’s win last year means he is still the bookies favourite. The best odds you can get on Lorenzo are 6/5, but this would be unlikely to lead to a big payout. Betting on Pedrosa at 11/8, would be a bit more lucrative, while Marquez at 13/2 would be the most lucrative, but also the biggest risk. Thus it depends on whether you prefer a safer bet with smaller winnings, or a more outsider one with the promise of a bigger payday – although if you can’t decide between these strategies, there are always motor racing casino games.

There are certainly lots of reasons to choose a game such as Fast Lane, the five reel motor racing themed video slots game, instead of MotoGP betting. For one thing the jackpot is a mighty $22,220, while for another the presence of a wild reel icon and fifty pay lines mean you stand a good shot at winning money by playing. Then there is the video and audio, with snippets from racing action and the sounds of crowd noises and cars zipping past you, and finally there is the game bonuses, free spins the fact that the apps at mobile casino sites let you download it to your phone for playing anywhere.

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