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The first time anybody heard of Harley Davidson Super Glide was 41 years ago when the model was launched. Since then the model has been on and off the market and one of the problems was when  Willie G. Davidson banned the manufacturing of this model.

Th 2012 model does not seem to be a let down to classic Harley Davidson lovers. The same features are kept in order to continue the tradition, important elements such as: low seat, V twin engine, ergonomic fit and an air cooler. When you look at the Super Glide you just know that it is a Harley Davidson because of all the specific elements. If you were looking for some electric car news, unfortunately this is a site for motorcycle reviews, but this does bring up and interesting subject, namely the invention of electric motorcycles. It would be exciting to hear some day that an electric two-wheeler could be possible, but until then we just have to be satisfied with electric car news and regular motorcycles, albeit very very fast ones.

Since the 2012 Super Glide is a continuation of tradition it not only has the same old features it also has some upgrades. The upgrades present on this bike are: electric start and fuel injection. Besides all this it also has the latest generation in switchgear provided by Harley, a new design on the  buttons and switches.

Another upgrade present in the 2012 model is the ABS which has now become available only in the Security Package which is priced at about 1195 $. The modification brought to the ABS is the reduction of the only electro hydraulic control unit dimensions. So, when you buy the bike you have to pay extra in order to have an ABS installed.

On the new model you will also notice the chrome wheels which from up front look very wide. The chromed wheels fit like a glove with the Michelin Scorcher tires. The chrome is very glamorous and gives the appearance of liquid metal.

The manufacturer has kept all the essential components of the Super Glide but it has also added some elements which have upgraded the bike to the 21 century. The model is sure to be a success because it is a Harley Davidson and because of the model which has kept many biker faithful to this brand.


We are not sure how much the Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide is going to cost but we don not think is going to be out of reach. This is a bike with tradition which has made the Harley Davidson proud. The launch will take place in 2012, a year which will make a difference in the Super Glide family.

2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom Pictures Gallery

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