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Most of us can remember the first time they layed their eyes on the V-Rod model made by Harley Davidson. What is specific to the V-Rod is the long and slender look, the silver paint which covers the whole bike from the front to the tail and the in front wheel all covered in aluminum. It seems like the time has flown so fast since the first V rod Harley Davidson was launched and now here we are, ten years later, preparing for the relaunching of this model.

To celebrate the ten years which have past since the first model was launched on the market Harley Davidson has created a special addition which will be presented to the world in 2012. The model still keep a few of the features and elements which have made it famous. One thing which was kept is the color of the bike which is silver and has been since 2002. The manufacturer has also come with some improvements in order to make the ride more comfortable and fun.

The wheels of the bike are much lighter than before with minus 3.8 lbs from the rear and 4.8 lbs from the front. The manufacturer wanted to make the bike more easier to handle and to improve the suspension and the only way to do that is by making it lighter.

What makes this motorcycle special is the fact that the manufacturer wants to produce it only one year which means that if you want to buy this model you have to do it within a year. This is the first time when Harley Davidson has taken such a measure for one of its 10th anniversary model.

The V rod model is the one which stands out from the rest of its family because of its impressive engine. The 2002 model can reach up to  8250 rpm and has a power of  115 horse power. The engine is a V twin.

This is the V Rod Harley Davidson which will be launched in 2012. It is said that it is going to impress all Harley Davidson lovers. If you have one or if you are planning to buy one than you should not miss the launch of this model especially since it is going to be a limited edition. The price has not been established yet but we will find out how much a model costs when we see it on the market. Since it is going to be available to buy only one year we believe that the price will match .

2012 Harley-Davidson 10th Anniversary Edition V-Rod Pictures Gallery

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